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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2011 1:00am-1:30am PST

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oh, my! haa ha ha! ha hha ha! [snortg]
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>> welcome to the board of education regular meeting. thank you for joining us this evening. roll call? >> [rollc all] -- [roll call] president mendoza: if you would like, join us for the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] thank you. the approval of the board minutes, there is no approval tonight. the presentation on the
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superintendent's reports. >> last week we were forced to make ugly decisions that none of us enjoy. the potential layoff notices of over 400 of our employees. this is something that everyone on this board and in the community thinks is got awful. something that we should never have to do. even with that, we have to go through some of that because an order for us to request a portion of the city's rainy day fund, part of the requirement is that we have to demonstrate a need. this has given us more to demonstrate in terms of need but all the cuts they are bringing our way. i wanted to know that today, our mayor did introduce that they are going to move forward to give the school district the
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rainy day fund which i think is fabulous. we want to thank the board of supervisors, everyone in our family that maybe we have a state that doesn't care enough about its young people and their future, but it is great to have a city that does stand up for kids. we really want to thank them. as all of you know, you have been following it very closely about the governor trying to put the tax extension measure on the june ballot india's having a difficult time. i want to remind everyone that it is a long-range solution. it is easy to complain, but it is hard to come up with solutions that solve problems.
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all we need is a couple -- the legislative analyst's office was asked to provide options for balancing the state budget. here are some of their suggestions. eliminate class size reduction for k-three. and requiring entering kindergarten students to be five years old. this will be $66 a unit to save 170 million. we will save another $270 million. nelson mandela once said that
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education is the most important weapon. i hope you join me in leading the outbreak in saying that this is unacceptable in this state. for those that don't support their future, they are more blind than any blind person on the planet. we need to start standing up to these people and saying it is unacceptable. if we don't act, shame on us. we are going to hear people blame each other. there is nobody here to blame. there are only some folks the control our budget. that is our legislature. let's not divide and conquer ourselves. let's say to sacramento, support our governor with a plan and say
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that we have to do with and we have to do it now. president mendoza: thank you, superintendent. >> i was at the coalition meeting today, so if i could say a few words. tomorrow was the sort of dropped dead day. we decided that next monday would be the drop date for june 7. there has also been discussion about having the election on a subsequent birthday. it would be ok for the budget. the reason i am saying this,
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don't despair if nothing happens tomorrow. and the work that the superintendent of just referred to. it is not over until it's over. it implied i have been telling illegal -- [unintelligible] the education community, we need to not have people with theoretical cuts. we need to send a message that we are concerned about this regardless of our party
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affiliation and of our involvement for politics that this is something that is do-or- die for us. >> we are here today because in the spirit of what commissioner wynns said, and what the superintendent said, tomorrow there will be a press conference. united educators, united administrators, ifpte. coleman advocates have also been invited. there will be a press conference, we hope that
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legislators will hear the press conference. >> we are glad that he is sending someone. we have a resolution of commendation for action we need a motion in a second. this is the week of the school administrator.
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>> we are passionate, lifelong learners devoted to public education. with many education leadership posts, other school district leaders -- there are assistant principals in the child development program managers. and that's providing quality service for students excess is paramount to the profession, as most school administrators are on hand, the average teacher has been serving for more than a decade. they effectively and efficiently lead public education and improve student achievement. offering with management systems, across the nation, public schools employ if your managers that most public and private sector industries
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including transportation, food service, manufacturing, publishing, and public administrations. whereas they depend [unintelligible] community members, board trustees, community and faith based organizations, elected officials, staff resources in school success. research shows great schools are led by great principles. the first full week of march is the week of the school administrator. and as the future of california 's public education system depends on the leadership.
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and the san francisco unified school district, all school leaders have the contributions they make for successful student achievement. president mendoza: i see the president of the administrator'' unions. >> i have the rare honor, this is my twelfth time doing this. i will present the winners of the region five association of california school administrators award that is given to various administrators
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for outstanding work from the san francisco and san mateo administrative units. we will be presenting the ones from san francisco, so at this time, i would like to ask miss patricia to come up and help me present these awards to the following individuals. >> the high school principal from burton high school. [applause] middle school principal richar d kerchey. [applause]
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elementary school principal from new traditions. [applause] [unintelligible] [applause] human-resources administrator. [applause] central office administrator. [applause] and we have two for the valuing
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adversity award. [applause] [unintelligible] [applause] we have a very special award. >> the next person we are going to give an award to, we know what this person was doing 50 years ago. and they were beginning their career with the san francisco unified school district.
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this individual spent 20 years as a member of the teacher court in san francisco. and 30 years as an administrator in san francisco. she is well-loved by everyone in her school and her community. and within our school districts. please put your hands together for the principle of the elementary school. [applause] >> i would just like to echo what was said previously by jill
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wynns and ennis -- dennis kelly that we must keep our eye on the ball and keep doing what we are doing every day. as supporters of public education, we will get through this mess. we do mostly every year anyway. believe it or not, we will make it once again. president mendoza: congratulations, and thank you all very much. are there comments from the commissioners? i just want to remind folks that this is one way that we can thank our principles and our teachers. i wanted to remind them about the principal and teacher award, encouraging all of you to nominate your administrator or your teacher by going to the web site or to the san francisco
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fund website. i guess we need to do a roll call votes. >> [roll call vote] it's unanimous. president mendoza: congratulations. next is the student delegates report. can we ask if you can celebrate outside so we can hear the student delegates report? in to move quietly? thank you. >> we had a presentation inside the campaign.
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this is a campaign for students to stop using bottled water. it is just as good as the one we get from the bottle. because of this, the recyclable bottles are transferred to hong kong and china. it means that there is a lot of oil that is getting used for the recycling of the bottles. we have a presentation from the youth commission. they are the representative of district 7. she is asking for support that we need to get to her, at a public-private exchange program. she was in the mission district. she is there under a scholarship.
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realize that her school, we don't have enough interaction with each other. we have all of these-stigmas about each other. she is asking for support with this exchange program. at the last cabinet meeting, there was also a video. a person from the department of public health heyman and shot a psa with us. >> handsome youth commissioners have come by to tell us about financial empowerment workshops for high-school students. there are workshops where they can learn about getting financial aid preventing identity theft, avoiding death traps. it will be april 30 from 10:00
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a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. also, they are going to be having our annual youth summit which is next friday, march 18 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.. it will be a bunch of different workshops going on, commissioner fewer will be doing a workshop on the board of education. it is just a day for high school students to learn about different things and take a different workshops and network. president mendoza: this evening, we are hosting one of the k-8 pathway programs. pathway conversations about
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quality middle schools. they asked that we update over the next couple of weeks. it will be tonight and wednesday at roosevelt at 6:00 p.m.. thursday march 10 at 5:30 p.m.. and 6:00 at the middle school. thursday, march 17 at marina middle school. there are several others that are hosting the. you can check the web site. and the next item is a public comment on consent items. i don't -- i need a motion into
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a consent on this calendar. >> on page 11, it is # 136-039 for apple computer. we need to change it to $264,286.404. this includes sales tax. and 4bb1138k14 on page 78. it should read it july 1, 2010.
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>> could you repeat those dates? >> july 1, 2010 through june 30, 2011. president mendoza: any items removed by the board? commissioner murase: pages 13 to 456, the contract modifications for facilities. there is a analysis before we vote on that section. [unintelligible]
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this is severed for discussion. president mendoza: removing these for first reading? he wanted to do this later? any items for vote tonight? commissioner murase: page 13-45 for discussion. >> a point of information, on the mlu on page 9, following it are the white pages. i'm asking about page 1 of the understanding. the term of the mlu behind page 9, the term is february 1st, 2010. i presume that day, is that correct?
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can we correct that? we are not making a memorandum of understanding n.y. is that correct? it should be 2011. president mendoza: february to june? >> it appears from the requested action that the agreement would stay in effect from march 8, 2011 through june 30, 2011. i believe commissioner wynns is correct. this is a typo. commissioner wynns: can we correct that?
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president mendoza: thank you. roll call vote -- >> wait, one more. i just wanted to have a brief request on 1-a. i'm sorry, the -- what is it? 1-d on page 5. i have a question about the student selection process. you don't have page five? it is the last page. i just have a question about how we read determine that for different students. -- how we determine that the different students?
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>> is this something you wanted to do later? or can the staff member talk to you about that? hong >> a staff person can talk to me about that. president mendoza: rollc al call under section l. there are no board members proposals tonight. item j is regarding general matters. i have a large stack of speakers this evening. i am going to call them out by those -- some of them are on specific schools, some of them are on particular items. i have separated the out by the first set of speakers that will be on general items. the second set of speakers will be a from bryant elementary. the third set of speakers will
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be from one of this the -- buena vista elementary. i will call your name. come up and you get two mintueus each. we will go from there. i apologize to bot fourching up -- apologize for botching up your name. [reads names] i see you have two cards for two items. if you could do it in both, i 'd appreciate that. [reads names] then the bryant crew. one second. [reads names]


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